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For Dos Users

Decompressor | Antiviruses

PKUNZIP is the easiest tool for decompressing.

Download it by clicking on the file you will download. pkunzip.exe
1. Look for the file in the directory where you downloaded it.

3. Once you find the file, pkunzip.exe, then look for the directory and name of the game(example: c:\download\

4. In the prompt now put this
pkunzip c:\download\

5. Now you will see that the file is decompressing. It will leave an .exe (most likely doom.exe) in the directory where you are.

6. Run the .exe


This one will also work.

Try one if pkunzip doesn't work.(Try to read the readme.doc or file for instructions)
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    Click here to get them These Antiviruses will work on Windows 3.1 and in DOS.