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Online games

  • 3D riDDle
    Solve the puzzle hidden in a stereogram.
  • Adventure Web
    an interactive text-based dungeon exploration game adapted for the web.
  • Avalon
    A role-playing game on the Web. Each new user is given 5 hours free access.
  • Board Games
    Play interactive board games on your computer.
  • BU's Interactive WWW Games
    Play tic-tac-toe, pegs, or Hunt the Wumpus.
  • Build a Monster
    Just what the title says.
  • Connect Four
  • Cyber Jacque's Cyber Seas Treasure Hunt
    treasure hunt on the Net.
  • Dracoscramble
  • Ferret Frenzy
    ferret racing at its finest.
  • Fruit Game
    Don't be the last one to take a piece of fruit off of the table!
  • Fun Stuff from GTE Laboratories
    Play WebBattleship, WebMineSweeper, WebCube or Maze.
  • Hunt the Wumpus
    Use arrows to hunt this monster, but look out for the bats and pits!
  • I Spy
    Web version of the children's guessing/finding game.
  • Institute of Future Technology
    gallop through time, space and sensory overload in this time-travel game based on the "Back to the Future" movie.
  • Internet Pizza Server
    Hungry? Order graphic, visual "pizzas" on line.
  • JASON Project Treasure Hunt
    find the treasure and you could win a prize.
  • Jumanji: the Game
    Yes! Its based on the movie.
  • Kid's Crambo
    play crambo, ziggy piggy and doggerel.
  • Lemonade Stand
    Get a taste of running your own business.
  • MadLibs
    Fill in the blanks, with you own words, to create wacky stories.
  • Mancala
    Play this ancient game (also known as "Kalaha") on your computer.
  • MCA Home Entertainment Playroom
  • Minesweeper (2)
  • Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head
    AKA Mr. Potato Head.
  • Mystery Critter Crunch Adventure
    Find the animal and win prizes.
  • Name That Tune
  • Oracle of Bacon, The
    What's Bacon got to do with it? Play this fun game, that revolves around U.S. actor Kevin Bacon, and find out.
  • Original Tarot Cards
    Your personal tarot card reading.
  • Othello
    Play a version of this popular board game on your computer.
  • Peg Game
    Challenge the computer to a game!
  • Riddler
    Web game with archives, web sites, and online news.
  • Small World Baseball
    Play fantasy baseball on the Web.
  • Teun's Lingo Page
    Play this game which originated in the Netherlands. It involves guessing a five letter word that the computer picks.
  • Tic Tac Toe (3)
  • Wacky Web Tales
    Plug your own words into the blanks and then read the wacky story.
  • WebCube
    Online Rubik's cube.

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